Re: Heinlein and NT question
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 19:20:45 -0800

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>On Sun, 20 Dec 1998, wrote:
>> But saying that Tomino was influenced by Heinlein is like saying that
>> Heinlein was influenced by Kipling. They share a certain view of Mankind
>> and its place in the Great Scheme of Things, but their realization of that
>> view is very much different.
>Hmmm, I am still missing something... What is this view of Mankind and
>Great Scheme of Things?

In a nutshell: Mankind has the potential to create Heaven or Hell and can
go either way, depending on the degree of selflessness it can muster. We
can be angles and devils at the same time, we are our own best friends and
worst enemies and there's nothing that can beat us ... except our own
innate cursedness.

You'll find this thread running through the works of all three men.


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