Re: new MG Gundam Mk.II + G-Defencer model?

Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 11:06:11 PST

braced apart? GRIN!
>>I know...Maybe they'll have some VG-esque support with it...
> hmmmm...possible, but i hope it's not the kind of support that is
>you-know-where. i still get giggles from my friends about those
> However, I do agree that it should have some sort of display
>stand...others which should have had display stands...Zeta, Nu,
>gp02a...actually, all the space going ones look better with
>the possible exception of the ZZ.
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>Richard Ramos
>Svengali, Artificer and Spellcrafter
>ICQ#12914919 bring up a good point. Display bases that came with the
MG kit would have been a great addition. I know a lot of people do not
like putting bases underneath their kits, but it would have really
added to the "class" of the MG series. Even though a wood grain base
you can get at a craft store looks nice, a nice black round base
coming with the kit would fit these kits better...maybe. I dunno, I
guess it all comes down to taste, but I don't it would have added to
the price of the kit to include this base which could be put in every
MG kit afterword.

Mark Kai

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