Re: OT: D&R/End of EVA

Mark Nguyen (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 10:08:59 PST

> I saw a copy of a subtitled End of EVA/D&R for sale on ebay
>Has it been released yet?

Hell, no! And the odds are it won't be for a while. In any case, ADV
will very likely not be doing it.

>If so where can you get it?

There are fansubs availble (check VKLL on the Anipike), or go through
your local club. Either way will likely be cheaper than whoever's
bootlegging off of Ebay.

Mind you, I didn't find the movie anything to write home about.
Well-animated and extremely philosphical, yes, but unless you're out to
shoot yourself in the head when it's all over, I wouldn't seriously
recommend it.

aka Mark Nguyen
Founder, Anime Alberta


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