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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> On Sun, 20 Dec 1998, wrote:
> > But saying that Tomino was influenced by Heinlein is like saying that
> > Heinlein was influenced by Kipling. They share a certain view of Mankind
> > and its place in the Great Scheme of Things, but their realization of that
> > view is very much different.
> Hmmm, I am still missing something... What is this view of Mankind and
> Great Scheme of Things? As far as I can tell, the Gundam geopolitics seem
> pretty much a mishmash of 20th Cen. developments. With UNT pretty much
> modelled after the modern USA (a semi-centralized government), and Zion
> modelled after WW2 Germany (and maybe Japan).
> On a total tangent to this... Whatever come out of the idea of New Type
> humans? I really really like the later development of Amuro in 0079, a
> psychic kid who, unlike Char, had not yet realize how superior he is to
> ordinary humans. Actually the more I think about the story, the harder it
> is to summarize in a few sentence. In trying to live a simple life, Amuro
> became a deliciously complicated character.
> The very ending of 0079 suggested so many great stories can be written
> about the trials and tribulations of NT humans (think Dune and
> Chrystalis). Did it work out? From what I know/guess: 0080 and 08MST don't
> deal with NT, 0083 seems to use NT only as fighting machines, what about
> the others?
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  It was an intentional choice o the parts of the 0080 and 8mst producers not
to use Newtypes (As it was with the 0083 team- the only newtype I know that
appeared was Hamman Kahn)

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