Re: looking for model building advice

Lersak B. (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 22:14:21 +0700

Chien Ting Chin wrote:
> 1. Can you buy or make decals

There are many ways to do so
Here's what I can think of now.

[Liquid Decal Film]
This chemical is made by
MICROSCALE Ind. Inc. P.O Box 11959 (or may be 11953, my bottle is not in
a good condition) Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(I bought this in Singapore last year)
Actually, the main purpose is to restore the old aging decal. But you
can make a custom decals as well. Just paint some marks on the used
decal paper, apply it over, wait... and you got it!

[Clear Decal]
[WAVE] 600 Yen for 3 sheets of
Size B5 (182mm x 257mm) Decal.
You design your masterpiece on any PC (or Mac)... then looking for the
color printer that is capable for WATERPROOF color printing (they
recommended ALPS Microdrive Printers)
I found that it's so good and convenient, except the point that I
couldn't afford an extremely fine resolution (1200dpi Up) to satisfy me!

Hope this will help.

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