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Mon, 21 Dec 1998 12:08:57 +0100

Chien Ting Chin wrote:

(snip on the Heinlein part although it's interesting)

> On a total tangent to this... Whatever come out of the idea of New Type
> humans? I really really like the later development of Amuro in 0079, a
> psychic kid who, unlike Char, had not yet realize how superior he is to
> ordinary humans. Actually the more I think about the story, the harder it
> is to summarize in a few sentence. In trying to live a simple life, Amuro
> became a deliciously complicated character.

Actually, the novels deal a lot more with this issue in my opinion:
Amuro questions himself about what being a Newtype means (he doesn't
actually believes he is a true Newtype). I think the first series
managed to catch this state of mind in a perhaps simpler way but again
as you said it's kinda hard to summarize.

> The very ending of 0079 suggested so many great stories can be written
> about the trials and tribulations of NT humans (think Dune and
> Chrystalis). Did it work out? From what I know/guess: 0080 and 08MST don't
> deal with NT, 0083 seems to use NT only as fighting machines, what about
> the others?

0083 doesn't deal with NT at all (or at least I didn't see any): you
might consider Kou or Gato are NT but it's never clearly said (this
topic has been discussed before IIRC), as far as I'm concerned they are
*plain* humans.
Plus, that fits very well since the only Gundam anime works featuring
Newtypes would be Tomino's (correct me if I'm wrong but I can't think of
any Gundam series/oavs/movie featuring Newtypes not made by Tomino nor
can I find any of Tomino's Gundam works not featuring NT).


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