Wow! Playstation CCA!
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 02:45:15 EST

   Yup. It's here. If you gotta Playstation that plays imports get outta
your house right now and go buy it! Don't even bother reading this mail! The
game is amazing. The 2-player split screen mode is soooo friggin' fun. You
have no clue! The graphics are real nice, probably just a
bit better than the earlier Zeta game. I haven't been able to play much, but
it looks like they'll be at least 4 hidden mobile suits to play as I think. I
know one is definately the Hyaku-Shiki. The story mode is great too! You go
from 0079, [Amuro's flashbacks, I think] to 0097 [Or whenever Char's Counter
Attack takes place]. I think another secret may be the Elmith or something
[Lalah Sun's mobile armor].. Additions to this one that weren't in Zeta, is
the ability to choose the spot of your enemy that you want to attack [ie.
head, leg, arm, shield, etc.], multiple enemy battles [the very first battle
has Amuro in the RX-78 against Char's Zaku and some regular Zaku's!], not only
secondary, but tertiary [sp?] weapons and super moves! Theres sooo much more,
but my fingers are tired and i need to get some sleep. GO OUT AND GET THIS

          ~"Hope I didn't sound like too much of a raving idiot" Gokou

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