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> But saying that Tomino was influenced by Heinlein is like saying that
> Heinlein was influenced by Kipling. They share a certain view of Mankind
> and its place in the Great Scheme of Things, but their realization of that
> view is very much different.

Hmmm, I am still missing something... What is this view of Mankind and
Great Scheme of Things? As far as I can tell, the Gundam geopolitics seem
pretty much a mishmash of 20th Cen. developments. With UNT pretty much
modelled after the modern USA (a semi-centralized government), and Zion
modelled after WW2 Germany (and maybe Japan).

On a total tangent to this... Whatever come out of the idea of New Type
humans? I really really like the later development of Amuro in 0079, a
psychic kid who, unlike Char, had not yet realize how superior he is to
ordinary humans. Actually the more I think about the story, the harder it
is to summarize in a few sentence. In trying to live a simple life, Amuro
became a deliciously complicated character.

The very ending of 0079 suggested so many great stories can be written
about the trials and tribulations of NT humans (think Dune and
Chrystalis). Did it work out? From what I know/guess: 0080 and 08MST don't
deal with NT, 0083 seems to use NT only as fighting machines, what about
the others?

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