Re: Model Shops in Japan (was: Do you think it's TRU?)

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If you are going to Tokyo your best bet would be to to to Shinjuku.
There is 1 notable expansive hobby stores there that come to mind - a 4
story hobby superstore called "Sakuraya Hobby-kan", which is a part of
the Sakuraya department store chain. This place is dedicated to
hobbies, including not just gunpla but all sorts of auto, airplane,
train, and gun models as well as action figure (hard to find U.S. and
Japanese) and garage kits. They also have video games and accessories
for every video game system and hobby related magazines and books.
Basically everything a modeler/gamer could want under one roof. Best of
all most of their stuff is discounted off the retail price. To find
this place go out the main east exit of the JR Shinjuku station. You
should be able to find a number of Sakurayas just outside the station.
However, each of these multi-level buildings specialize in different
things such as watches, electronics, hobby goods, etc. You will need to
find the hobby-kan, and to do that you can just go to any one of the
Sakurayas you see and ask them for directions. Japanese ability would
be helpful obviously, but they are also used to dealing with tourists so
I don't think English would be a problem. Just tell them "hobby-kan"
and they should point you in the right direction.

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>>There are a few. A must are Wave and Volks. I had a blast there!
>>(Be-J) is big! 2 stories! I was there and garbed their last MG
>>the first day of release. Very happy boy that day! Oh, the
>memories... For
>>those who got my trip tape knows what I mean!
>Ooh, you *do* realize that I'll have to pester you for PRECISE
>directions on how to get there. ;)
>DYING for a 1/100 VF-19S Excalibur Valkyrie from Wave, among many
>things... :)
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