Re: Do you think it's TRU?

Mark Nguyen (
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 20:16:35 PST

> My understanding is that TRU's in Japan _already_ carry Gundam model
>kits and have done so for at least a decade, so it seems to me that
>selling through TRU in America is the smart, simple choice for Bandai.

When I was passing through Hong Kong four years ago, I popped into a TRU
in search of plamodels. I found a number of assorted 0080 kits, and a
*big* pile of V-Gundam Abigors (go figure).

I never saw a TRU in Japan... I only found Gundam models in the local
Tokyo Hands dept. store, and in an obscure back alley PSX shop on the
second floor...

Different subject! Where *in Japan* is one to go for G-kits? Has anyone
been to a model shop in Nippon-land?
I'm headed back in April, and need some places to go. ^_^;


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