Re: 8MST models

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 11:15:40 -0700 (MST)

> > would be two more 8MST kits.
> Hurrah! I love those 08MST models, they are the best quality 1/144 models

  They are from Gundam, that's for sure.

> ever. All the better if the 08MST Dom looks like the 0079 one. I don't
> really like those new Doms (0080 etc).

  I LOVE the new Dom, but we've already got a great kit of it. Personally,
I'd like to see a 0083 Dom (or ANY of those designs).

> > 'scaled down MG kits' (I.e., like the Zaku). It would have been ironic to
> Do you mean that from a model design point of view, the HG 08MST models
> were based on the MG models? I guess it would b obvious if I had a MG kit
> to look at.

  Not exactly.
  The _Details_ are all there (on the surface), but _Design_ wise the 8MST
Zaku is pretty much like any other cheap 1/144 kit. What this means is
that on the surface, the 1/144 8MST Zaku is a dead ringer copy of the MG
Zaku kit (Same exact panel lines, shape, proportions, etc), but it does
not approach the articulation and gimmicks of the MG, nor does it have any
opening internal components (Except for the cockpit area, which again is a
straight copy of the MG kit).

  So if you just want a MG-style Zaku to look at, you can't go wrong with
the 8MST Zaku. But don't expect any of the cool 'features' that the MG kit


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