Re: 8MST Crimax

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 09:39:15 -0700 (MST)

> >from MSG or perhaps the Elmeth shuttle/carrier. Or perhaps more so like
> >the Big Sam except without the chicken legs! (Same sort of mega cannon in
> My money's on the Big Zam as the closest relative to the Apsaras. Not

  Yeah, I believe that, even though the Big Zam apparently had a
bridge-like cockpit while the Asparas has basically a more Zamel-type

> only does it have the cannon, and a somewhat similar head and profile (at

   I keep hoping one of the Gundams would just slam-dunk a grenade or
something into that massive barrel! I mean, that's such a huge megabeam
"Bellybutton" on the Asparas that it's almost comical!

> sense - Minovski craft systems and I-field barriers work along the same
> lines, so if you have the barrier, the hover system is supposedly
> something of a freebie (witness the Psyco Gundam and Gaia Gear mecha).

  Very interesting, that's news to me!
  But it makes you kind of wonder why the reverse isn't true! After all,
shouldn't the WB then have an I-Field?
  Does this mean that the Dendrobium and New Zeal could have operated on
Earth, hovering around?

> with Minovski craft systems. If we consider the Big Zam the continuation
> of Ginias's Apsaras project - add legs and extra guns, upgrade the
> Minovski craft system to an I-field barrier, and ship it out to Solomon -
> it does seem to tie together pretty nicely.

  Hey, that does make alot of sense now that you mention it! (Have they
gotten rid of the Zaku head on the Asparas II, BTW?) Is there enough
_time_ in the timeline to have made the Big Sam after the Asparas, or is
it possible that the Big Sam project is a parallel project?

> > So, aren't we supposed to get a Dom or gelgoog kit out of this series?
> The Dom has already appeared, so a kit might be a possibility (though
> the design they use is almost identical to the classic version). No

  Hmm.. I thought I remember someone mentioning that HJ said that there
would be two more 8MST kits. I was hoping that they would continue to be
'scaled down MG kits' (I.e., like the Zaku). It would have been ironic to
have seen the scaled-down Dom before the MG Dom that it's based on!


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