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<< If you post it on the web, no publisher would ever touch it again, I
 think. Of course you can post it to fish for interest in your other
Precisely. I've done my homework ^_^

 I would be very interested to hear your experience with publishers. From
 what I read, there's very little chance for a SciFi of the "wrong" length
 (among other conventional-wisdom characteristics expected of SciFi) to
 ever get published. But there are many more oppotunites for writers, what
 with an explosion of SciFi films, TVs, RPGs, and computer games.
Oh I know... I just started writing sci-fi one day, I think I was trying to
write the sequel to Star Wars, having no idea it had already been done ^_^;;;
And Heinlein hopped along and sent my dreams to the stars....

 Good luck, keep us informed.
I garantee I will ^_^

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