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><< Cool.. when is it supposed to hit the shelves? there is a shortage of good
> mecha books.. >>
>I sent it to a certain publisher, then all of a sudden the publisher
>disappeared later... so any suggestions for publishers are welcome ^_^

Get an agent. Most reputable publishers either don't accept unsolicited
manuscripts or thorw them into a "slush pile" for later consideration. A
few brilliant writers have had their manuscripts go from the slush pile to
the best seller list, but that's akin to being "discovered" by a Hollywood
director and cast in an Oscar-winning film. With the current limits on
display space in book stores, even "name" writers are having a hard time
getting published, so the chances of an unsolicited manuscript being picked
up are slim and none ... and Slim is out of town!

If MECHASTORM can be adapted to fit another milieu, you *may* be able to
get it published, with suitable editing, in venues like the Jovian
Chronicles. Still, you'd be better off finding an agent who knows the
market and can pitch the book to those who're most likely to pay for it.


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