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> I just finished (Okay, Okay, about three months ago) a book entitled,'
> Mechastorm'. When I get it published (and if you read it , hint hint) it'll be
> blindingly obvious that I got most of the ideas from Gundam, Starship Troopers
> and Yamato.
> I have drawn several pictures of the Mountain Climbers, seventy-five foot
> robots with everything from a fifteen-inch gatling gun to hand grenades ^_^ I
> even went through the painful experience of looking up webpages that went into
> detail how the Gundams are piloted (Some people just have no life, like myself
> -_-*) But anyway, I'm proud of it, but I was kind of hoping someone would read
> it and give me some feedback, someone who knows about giant robots and stuff.
> (Someone who is patient as well). It is not a long book (about 40,000 words,
> roughly 200 pages). The only problem I'm having is that shorter books aren't
> really liked at the publishing company, but I notice that people enjoy shorter
> books because they can remember more information. (I know with the Stephen
> King novels I have to read them twice, I forget what the beginning was about
> ^_^;; Maybe that's just me ^_^)
> Shaun "Catalina" Curran ^_~
> Say It with Mecha ^_^

  Why not post it as a web site?

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