Re: The savage replies

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 13:20:14 -0700 (MST)

> > I'll have to say that my personal favorite Gundam MG is the GP-01 model,
> finger the Gelgoog as the best-constructed and the GP02 as the best-looking.

  The Gegoog IS very well constructed... I was intrigued though, that the
S-version did not have the internal-armor detailing that the A-version
had! And it is rather plain looking.
  But you think the GP-02 is the best overall looking? To me it sorta
looked like it lacked the detail-density of the GP-01... And the
shoulder-drop-off problem seemed pretty signficant to me!

> Yep. The dummy block has its external armor removed to show the reactors,

  Now that's just TOO cool!
  So how many reactors does this puppy have anyway?

> Questions, questions! The internal structure is really elaborate, with
> lots of sliding pistons (cast in metallic plastic, not metal as previously

  Now that's really neat! (Some people thought it was white-metal). The
pistons actually slide into each other then? Very cool! Where do the
springs go?

> supposed). The armor flaps are okay, if a tad overdone; my only beef is
> that some flaps (on the upper arm and thigh) are attached via flimsy
> polycap washers, and tend to come loose.

  Well, at least they HAVE PCs in them somewhere... I hear even the
shoulder armors open up!

> The hands are indeed system-injection, like the Micro Gundams and the "MS
> Joint" trees in the HG Gundam and Mark II. So are the four-piston

  COOL! That's what I was hoping to hear! They seem incredibly well
detailed and flexible!

> assemblies that cover up the ball joints in the shoulder, hip, and wrist
> joints. It's really very elegant.

  Oh yeah, these are the 'fake pistons' that cover up the balls, right?
Cool! I heard the legs are attached to the body wierdly?

> > How big is the box?
> Not much bigger than the GP02 box, from what I recall - I don't keep the

  Okey dokie, that doesn't sound TOO bad....

> subsequently repurposed for 0083's GM Kai. Thus, it was more or less a GM
> Kai with skirt boxes, Gundam knees, and a Gundam head. Katoki's followed

  Which is what it _should_ look like anyway, eh?

> of MS Encyclopedia 98, et cetera. That's why the PG kit looks so much like
> the MSE 98 cover.
  Ah, I see... not just a cute cooincidence after all!

> Actually, no. The EW-style Deathscythe and Sandrock have super-detailed

  But apart from the shields they look pretty much like the EW versions?
Is the SR's original shield similar to its EW shield at all?

> shields, the Shenlong has its own shield and a very impressive Dragon Fang

  Is the Fang at all similar to its giant dragon-shield devices in EW?

> arm, the Heavyarms gets a huge honkin' gatling smartgun assembly, and the

  Hey, these versions are supposed to be _weaker_ than the EW versions!
Can't he resist the urge to over-arm things?

> Wing Gundam is if anything more gadget-laden than the Wing Zero Custom - it

  Very interesting!

> has huge wings loosely based on the TV series version, an immense buster
> rifle assembly, and a large shield covered with fins and flanges, all
> attached to the Wing Zero's body.

  The buster rifle and the shield are both attached to the body!? Very
interesting! I wish I could see a picture of this!
  Wait, does this mean that the WG is once again _transformable_? Cool!


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