Re: The GUNDAM Acronym's Back!
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 21:08:21 -0800

You can't blame the Americans for this one. The GUNDAM acronyms can be
traced back 12 years to *Japanese* fans.

Specifically, to those fine folks at Model Graphix, who later brought you
Gundam Sentinel.

As near as I've been able to determine, the first appearance of the GUNDAM
acronym was on page 14 of Model Graphix Special Edition Gundam Wars Project
Z (1986, reprinted 1994.2, Dai Nippon Kaiga, ISBN4-499-20525-5). It
accompanied the 1:20 scale model of the Karaba VMSAWRS MSK-006(MSZ-006A1)
ZPlus by Masahiko Asano. This may also have been the first appearance of
the VMSAWRS acronym -- Variable Mobile Suit And Wave Rider System -- that
would figure so prominently in Gundam Sentinel.


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