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Sat, 19 Dec 1998 12:29:37 +0800

>>Christine McKenzie (sp?) [0080] Pilots the Alex a couple of times and
>>survives [ok, so she kills the guy that she's probably, if not actually come
>>to love yet, would have done in time...]
>And she doesn't exactly get off unscathed either, having gotten chopped in
>the arm something fierce. Since we never hear from her again, we never do
>learn if she recovered from that wound or not. For all we know, she may've
>been crippled for life....

        well, the wound thing is kinda trivial, since tha guy who piloted the
ValVarro (sp?) had only one arm. It could have been what they called the
million-dollar injury...that is, an injury that guaranteed either a lot of
r&r, or an honorable discharge. That would explain why she never is heard
from again, unless she became a simulator pilot for prototypes all her life.

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