Re: new MG Gundam Mk.II + G-Defencer model?

Richie Ramos (
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 12:21:43 +0800

>> > Ah, but Bandai planned ahead! Look at the robustness of the locked-in
>> >knee joints, shoulder and ankle joints on the Mk.II! It can carry alot
>> BUT LIMITED POSIBILITY! I would be kinda scare trying any posing w/
> True!
> But since when have you ever seen a model of the Super Gundam in any
>pose other than with its legs solidly braced apart? GRIN!
> -Probe

        Well, it could have been worse....i still get shivers about the thought of
a fully transformable 1/100 FAZZ (drool...). or a 1/100 Psyco gundam
(either mark). or a 1/100 ex-s gundam (transforming). sigh....we can only

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