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Mark Kuettner (
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 15:47:48 PST

>> Wow! I've never seen or heard of that before! I wonder how similar
>>revamped Gundam looks to the MG Gundam?
> Pretty similar. The line art shown in Model Graphix (where Sentinel
>ran as a two-part filler) was based on his GM Commando line art, which
>subsequently repurposed for 0083's GM Kai. Thus, it was more or less a
>Kai with skirt boxes, Gundam knees, and a Gundam head. Katoki's
>the same style in his susbsequent renderings of the Gundam - i.e. the
>kit manual, the Gundam Fix illustration series, the Micro Gundam, the
>of MS Encyclopedia 98, et cetera. That's why the PG kit looks so much
>the MSE 98 cover.

Some of the MG Katoki kits get changed from his original design, and
I am not sure why this is. The MG MK-II and Zeta changes bug me the
most. Why would Katoki change them? Zeta for the transformation
sequence, possibley, but MK-II? He does a great update (great shoulder
redesign) and them the MG goes back to the classic image for the most
part. Oh, I see, let's have the look we are all familiar with, but
we can put on some some trivial shield design decal to make it look
more detailed....OY! I know no body has a gun to my head to put the
decals on, but if your gonna stick with the original look, don't put
on extra decals!!

Mark Kai

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