[GUNDAM] Mobile Suit Gundam 0079

Yves Sakai (yves@hawaii.edu)
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 13:42:56 -1000

Haven't been keeping too close of an eye as to what has been posted to teh
list lately, so this info was probably posted to the list already.

Anyway, in case it hasn't, seems like Viz comics is getting back into
publishing Gundam comics again (previously they published Gundam 0083).
The flyer I have has it as it's main "poster" (Viz-In Vol. 10, No. 12).

"In Year 0079 of the Universal Century Earth joins a war that pits brother
against brother... and mecha against mecha!

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 8-issue monthly series

The manga adaptation of the original anime TV series! The Epic Begins in

On the back (informational) side it reads"

"Items Shipping March '99
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 #1
8-Issue Monthly Series
Story & Art by Kazuhisa Kondo
b&w, 32 pages
$2.95 USA/$4.50 CAN

Ships 3/5

Colony Wars
The manga based on the ultimate robot animation has finally come to
America! In the future, overpopulation has forced much of humanity to
emigrate off planet, and half of human population lives in colonies in
outer space. History is made when the Duchy of Zeon, a group of
militaristic colonists, declares independence from Earth. As a civil war
between the Earth Federation and Zeon breaks out, both sides arm
themselves with a new high-tech weapon; mobile suits. Kazuhisa Kondo's
faithful retelling of the first GUNDAM story arc is drawn with a purist's
detail, and follows the plot of the original MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0079 TV
series, rather than the three movies usually used as the basis for the
"official" series timeline.

IN THIS ISSUE: Amuro Rey, a young electronics wizard and son of a mobile
suit engineer, lives in a colony in space. When the Zeon army declares
rebellion, his colony is invaded by a force of Zaku mobile suits, In a
desperate last-ditch maneuver, Rey must pilot his father's untested
prototype Gundam into combat... and fight experienced Zeon pilots with a
machine ne's never used!"

You are supposed to be able to see more info at www.viz.com, but the
server seems to be down.

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