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Probe writes,

> I'll have to say that my personal favorite Gundam MG is the GP-01 model,
>it has a level of articulation and detailing that just isn't matched in
>any of the other kits!

  Gosh, I'd have a tough time picking. Much as I like the GP01, I'd have to
finger the Gelgoog as the best-constructed and the GP02 as the best-looking.

> But I guess this means you can assemble it without the CF? Do you get a
>Dummy block then?

  Yep. The dummy block has its external armor removed to show the reactors,

> So how did they make all that internal structure? How do you like the
>flappy-armor? How did they do those way cool looking HANDS? System
>injection? I've seen pics of the head 'exploded open', can you do that
>with the kit? (I.e., is the armor jointed internally?)

  Questions, questions! The internal structure is really elaborate, with
lots of sliding pistons (cast in metallic plastic, not metal as previously
supposed). The armor flaps are okay, if a tad overdone; my only beef is
that some flaps (on the upper arm and thigh) are attached via flimsy
polycap washers, and tend to come loose.

  The hands are indeed system-injection, like the Micro Gundams and the "MS
Joint" trees in the HG Gundam and Mark II. So are the four-piston
assemblies that cover up the ball joints in the shoulder, hip, and wrist
joints. It's really very elegant.

> How big is the box?

  Not much bigger than the GP02 box, from what I recall - I don't keep the
boxes around after I build 'em.

> Wow! I've never seen or heard of that before! I wonder how similar his
>revamped Gundam looks to the MG Gundam?

  Pretty similar. The line art shown in Model Graphix (where Sentinel 0079
ran as a two-part filler) was based on his GM Commando line art, which was
subsequently repurposed for 0083's GM Kai. Thus, it was more or less a GM
Kai with skirt boxes, Gundam knees, and a Gundam head. Katoki's followed
the same style in his susbsequent renderings of the Gundam - i.e. the HG
kit manual, the Gundam Fix illustration series, the Micro Gundam, the cover
of MS Encyclopedia 98, et cetera. That's why the PG kit looks so much like
the MSE 98 cover.

> BOGUS! Especially the TV WG0C! It looks _Nothing_ like the Angel-Winged
>version in EW!

  It's a pretty radical retcon, eh? Whereas even piddling little revamps
are verboten in the strictly-policed UC continuity...

> Wow! Really!? Hmm... but wouldn't they simply be simplified versions of
>the EW gundams that we know and love?

  Actually, no. The EW-style Deathscythe and Sandrock have super-detailed
shields, the Shenlong has its own shield and a very impressive Dragon Fang
arm, the Heavyarms gets a huge honkin' gatling smartgun assembly, and the
Wing Gundam is if anything more gadget-laden than the Wing Zero Custom - it
has huge wings loosely based on the TV series version, an immense buster
rifle assembly, and a large shield covered with fins and flanges, all
attached to the Wing Zero's body.

-- Mark
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