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Mark Kuettner (
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 14:23:57 PST

> I'm not sure Nina is too strong willed (I mean she does cry a lot)
No doubt!! I watched Blue Flame today and I started to wonder if she
might be a latent NT the way she gets so emotional!

> Meanwhile, poor Lucette Eaudevie is an interesting character even if
>she was_meant_to die from the beginning: she realizes Kou's full
>potential and plans to use it to catch up with the falling colony.
>That's a bold plan which will cost her her life but I keep on thinking
>she's a greater character than Nina for instance (wow, I finally said
>it). She's so great she ends up dead :-( (but that's what makes her
>I guess).

One thing I didn't like was the fact the last thing on her mind before
she died was the GP-03.??? You're about to die and your worried about
that?? Yes, it showed she was dedicated to her work, and it was a
dramatic moment, but let's go overboard, shall we?

>As for Chen, I don't think she's that deep a character but at least you
>can stand her while Quess is suuuuucccchhh a pain in the neck, I can't
>even understand how she managed to live that long without getting
>strangled by anyone she ever talked to. Mind you, they both die as well
>(but Chen doesn't "deserve" this, it's too pointless in my opinion).

Indeed. A realistic reaction of Hathaway's rage though. He really was
intent on making Quess notice him, and Chen took that all away. Despit
Quess's personality, the character was very well done.

Mark Kai

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