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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 15:18:56 -0700 (MST)

> >original MG gundam kit compare to the most 'recent' MG gundam kits, say,
> I wouldn't. The MG Gundam is really stiff and un-poseable, and frankly
> kinda ugly to boot. Really a shame they did such a lame job on what should
> have been the flagship kit, but I guess they didn't get the hang of it

  Yeah, well, at least they recovered and started making some way cool
  I'll have to say that my personal favorite Gundam MG is the GP-01 model,
it has a level of articulation and detailing that just isn't matched in
any of the other kits!

> I've spent about ten hours on it, and have yet to build the core fighter

  But I guess this means you can assemble it without the CF? Do you get a
Dummy block then?
  So how did they make all that internal structure? How do you like the
flappy-armor? How did they do those way cool looking HANDS? System
injection? I've seen pics of the head 'exploded open', can you do that
with the kit? (I.e., is the armor jointed internally?)

> and weapons. I paid about $200 - the going price at both Heroes Club and
> Mikado Toys - so you're still better off paying for shipping. Frankly,

  How big is the box?

> > Where? GRIN. Seriously, the GMII is just 'barely' more detailed than the
> It's the subtle details - the hand detailing, the elbow joint block, the
> shoulder swivel, the chest vents, the foot details, the knee and ankle
> joints, the skirt armor, etcetera. The overall shape is almost identical,
> but the detailing is much more extensive than that of the classic GM line

  Oh, I see what you're saying now, yes, you're absolutely right, it was a
big step forward!
  But what's this obsession with puke-green plastics?

> > Though he went way overboard on the "Nero"s which looked NOTHING like
> Sure, but the art pages that accompanied the Sentinel series, and the
> "Sentinel 0079" two-parter, featured revamps of the Zaku, GM, Gundam, Big
> Zam, Full Armor Gundam, Public, Gattle, Ball, etcetera. Some of these, like

  Wow! I've never seen or heard of that before! I wonder how similar his
revamped Gundam looks to the MG Gundam?

> variants, whereas he originally designed them as retcons of the original
> mobile suits.

  I like that idea better... we have enough endless variations. It was one
of my dissappointments with the MG line that they didn't make the
0083-style Zaku instead of the 1YW one...

> >you can't use the "Star Trek Klingon" explanation. I.e, "The Zaku really
> >DOES look like that, you just couldn't SEE the detail in the original MSG
> That's the explanation for the Endless Waltz Gundams, though. In fact,

  BOGUS! Especially the TV WG0C! It looks _Nothing_ like the Angel-Winged
version in EW!

> Katoki's now revamped the original Wing Gundam, Shenlong, etcetera based on
> the Endless Waltz versions; these have been showcased in NewType and Hobby
> Japan, and may turn into actual model kits some day (as per the latest
> Hobby Japan).

  Wow! Really!? Hmm... but wouldn't they simply be simplified versions of
the EW gundams that we know and love? I.e., I thought about making my own
versions by removing the 'outer' pair of wings from the WG, removing the
cloak and all the white spiky armor from the DSC, the extra thruster
blocks from the SRC, the dual machine cannons from the HAC... etc...
Honestly, the SRC and the Nattaku don't really have alot of extra stuff on
them that you COULD remove and still have a decent MS left over with.

> >never had the guts to say "Hey, the Gelgoog Marine IS the real
> >mass-production gelgoog" or "The MS-06FII really IS the original Zaku",
> Exactly. That would be heresy. So instead, we get variations-of-the-month
> to substitute for the terribly dated, yet nonetheless canonical, originals.

  Hmm... Well, at least 8MST tries to show the originals again with at
least better animation!

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