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Dafydd Dyar wrote:

> > Well, the ones you mentioned aren't really "heroines" they were the baddies,
> They're heroines now, though. They all appear in the new Gundam Heroines
> book, which features almost every Gundam female character with a speaking role!

Now, that's great! How deep is the approach? Do we get stuff like how
old they are or is it just a collection of commentaries and pictures
about Gundam Female characters?

By the way, only female PILOTS were mentionned so far but what about the
other ones such as all those Anaheim girls: Nina, Lucette and Chen.

 I'm not sure Nina is too strong willed (I mean she does cry a lot) but
on the other hand she proved she could take some decisions (like
stealing a core fighter Fb for example). Plus, she does make it through
0083 while Cima just bites the dust (Cima may have suffered far more but
she doesn't keep complaining about her past).

 Meanwhile, poor Lucette Eaudevie is an interesting character even if
she was_meant_to die from the beginning: she realizes Kou's full
potential and plans to use it to catch up with the falling colony.
That's a bold plan which will cost her her life but I keep on thinking
she's a greater character than Nina for instance (wow, I finally said
it). She's so great she ends up dead :-( (but that's what makes her cool
I guess). Another thing I've been wondering about: what kind of woman
could have designed the GP03 Dendrobium and its Orchis base? 0_o

As for Chen, I don't think she's that deep a character but at least you
can stand her while Quess is suuuuucccchhh a pain in the neck, I can't
even understand how she managed to live that long without getting
strangled by anyone she ever talked to. Mind you, they both die as well
(but Chen doesn't "deserve" this, it's too pointless in my opinion).

What about Beltochika, has she been already mentionned? (sorry I didn't
go back through all the mail)

> >Here is another wierd myth: I heard that when a man sees an atractive strong-
> >willed woman he fantasizes about either one of 2 things: A) Being with that
> >woman or B) Killing that woman !!! and it seems that Tomino prefers the later.
> Then there's the sick puppies who fantasize about doing both.
> And not necessarily in that order....

#_# that's definitely wicked. Isn't Char like that in a way? Or wouldn't
it be Amuro, Char being more of an Oedipus?

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