Re: which GM is better? 0080 or 08th MS Team?

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Thu, 17 Dec 1998 23:59:47 -0500

>>to GM Cannon, or at least the HardyGun anyways. G-Cannon and Magna
>>G-Cannon pays its homage to GunCannon, and MagnaG has the whole
>>Son of Guncannon going, right down to the color scheme. While HardyGun
>>looks a bit too busy for my own taste, I should say the G-Cannon Boys
>>big bad asses that does some justice to the original dual cannon toting
> The HardyGun was one of the best sellers when Pony was still

Hey, it is still one of my favorite models. I have a standard one, and I
have one that I heavily modified.

Linwood Foster
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