Re: FFVII and Gundam parallels (FFVII SPOILERS)

Jan Skipper (
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 00:24:23 -0500

> Anyway, It is quite known that Square uses a lot of anime references in their
> games they used Bit/Funnels, Buster Riffles, Satellite Sytem, and even the V-
> Max system from SPT Layzner in Saga Frontier and recently they released
> Xenogears which has TONS of Anime references in it.

I can't be the only one who noticed that Weltal II looked alot like V2
gundam, with the wing drop minovski craft system two.
Soemday I hope that some Xenogears models will come out. I'll put Elly's
Veirge right next to my Jagt Doga. I'd have to keep Steir away from my
Votoms though, he'd make them look REAL small.

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