Re: Big 1/xx Gundam Toy
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 19:38:59 -0800

At 07:19 12/17/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I have this huge Gundam toy, it's about 1.5x the size of a 1/100 Nu, 1/60
>It's a toy, made in Korea.. What's it worth?

I can't tell you how much it's worth, but I can tell you the scale.

he Nu Gundam has a head height of 22.0 meters and an overall height of 23.0
meter, so a 1:100 scale model would stand 220 to 230mm tall. The F91 has a
head height of 15.2 meters, so a 1:60 scale model would be 253mm tall.
(The actual 1:60 Big Scale F91 toy is 255mm -- or so it says on the box!)

If your Gundam toy is indeed half again taller, it'd be somewhere between
330 and 380mm tall. The Gundam has a head height of 18.0 meters and an
overall height of 18.5 meters, so a 330mm toy would be 1:54 and a 380mm toy
would be 1:47. Averaging the two gives us:

1:50 scale!

(But my guess is that you're a little off on your measures and that it's
actually 1:48 scale, like the Gundam Mk.II toy that I'm trying to find!)


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