Re: new MG Gundam Mk.II + G-Defencer model?

Mark Kuettner (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 17:54:31 PST

>> I heard rumbles about a new model kit: Master Grade Gundam Mk.II +
>> G-Defencer? I need model number and price (suggested retail price in
> I think it's supposed to be 4000, though it also kinda sounds like
>get both in one box.
>> I can't seem to find it in Hobby Link Japan or Rainbow Ten.
> Well, that would be because it's not been _made_ yet! Hold your
> -Probe
I would like to just know if it is actual TRUTH that Banadai will
release this or if it is fan BS. And how it will balance!?? People
thought they had problems balancing the 1/100 Nu kit; that'll be
nuttin' compared to this.

Mark Kai

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