Stores that have a good selection of Gundam kits
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 18:37:12 EST

Does anyone know of mail order stores in the US that have a good selection of
Gundam kits, espically the New Gundam kits and that also will/can get Garaski
kits? If anyone knows any stores, please give me their web site address's if
they have them, if they don't have a web site, an e-mail addess or phone
number will do. I was ordering my kits mostly from Rising Sun Creations, but
their web site is down and people on this ML have had bad experinces with RSC
recently. I've tried search engines, but I get so many Far-off matches for
Gundam, I don't try anymore search engines, unless I have no choice.

Thanks for any info.,


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