Re: looking for model building advice

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 16:24:30 -0700 (MST)

> 1. Can you buy or make decals (e.g. I have carbon monoxide warning in my
> M113 APC, and Step/No Step labels on my F-18). Do you have suggesions
> about what decals would be believeable? (I am thinking about warning

   Verlinden makes a great set of dry-transfer decals and markings for
aircraft that have lots of those sorts of things in them.

> 2. How to make wear and tear stains? Especially how to make water stains
> for the marine/submarine MS's? (I am envisioning white water streaks down

  Pastel pencils rubbed in and then fixed with dullcote.

> the pictures in the Gouf Custom and Zaku II of the 08th MS Team models,
> you can see the paints on their spikey shoulder and shields were
> beautifully chipped.

  Chip with an Exacto knife and then rub in some silver paint (or grey)
and then rub off the excess!

> [while on that topic, has anyone put light blubs in the monoeye? Can do
> you hide the switch and battery without affecting the appearance and
> mobility of the model?]

  Try hiding the battery pack in the backpack!
  You will definately lose some head-mobility of course, but in larger
models like the MG Zaku, you can run the power lines through the
conductive cables!

> 3. How to make battle damage. I know this is really a wide topic and
> quite advanced, so I just throw this out and see...

  Lots of putty lots of cutting! Burn holes with a magnifying glass and
then drybrush flat black! Etc!

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