Re: Female MS Pilots...

Paul Lampshire (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 23:04:28 -0000

>So who *has* survived, then?
>-Sayla - Well, at least she managed to pilot the Gundam at least twi=ce
>and not get killed, and was relatively happy at the end of the first
>-Cecily Fairchild (F-91) - Kidnapped, nigh-brainwashed, trained to fly
>the Vigna-Ghina, doesn't manage to kill anyone, defects *back*, tries to
>kill her biological father, gets her MS blown up, survives, and is
>rescued by the man she loves. Not dead, but hey, after all that, she may
>as well be..!
>Any others?

Christine McKenzie (sp?) [0080] Pilots the Alex a couple of times and
survives [ok, so she kills the guy that she's probably, if not actually come
to love yet, would have done in time...]

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