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Thu, 17 Dec 1998 01:00:17 -0800

>Ok this is fun, let's stretch it out more... What's the inspiration for
>the various motifs of the MS designs? Let's start with good old Zaku and
>Gouf. The monoeye is probably original, but what about those pipes and
>Vader-like mouthpiece? For that matter, the pipes around the waist and
>knees are very curious too. I think they make the MS very sinister.

For the record, the influences between Gundam and SW were mentioned. The
most obvious, the light saber. The pipes do conduct powers, but for me,
they are just there to make it look cool. The Spike Shoulders are weird
though, and probably done to tell the kiddies that these robots are the
villains. Oddly enough (or because of the fact), the Gouf and the Zaku are
the one of the, if not the most popular MS design in Gundam-verse.

>How about the skirts? Could that be derived from Roman phalanx(?) ?

Dunno. With later mobile suits, the Skirts served some purpose, but its
origins? Heck, even Gundams have skirts... With the possible exception of
Zeta... But could it be considered as a skirt as well?

>And the grey vest of Dom, I keep having a vague impression that a certain
>school of Japanese monks wear those kind of vest. Can Kato explain?

Dom is a weird one. But it's damn popular as well. You can see a derivate
of DOM in Space Harrier.

>And then our favorite, Gelgoog, it was suggested that it's an African
>warrior. Any agreement/disagreement?

You may have a case for African Warrior for Gelgoog with its funky shield.
However, Gelgoog ain't completely African type design, as it wields a
distinctly Japanese weapon, namely the Beam Naginata. Other than that,
Gelgoog is a descendant of DOM, which itself is a descendant of Gouf Flight
Type. And if you've seen a Gouf, you know where it gets its stylings

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