Re: which GM is better? 0080 or 08th MS Team?

Y. Choe (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 00:52:44 -0800

On GMs and anything else...

I find that the 08th MS GM is probably the best looking GM that Bandai has
put out in terms of anything that even remotely reminds one of GM, incluing
G-Cannons, Hardyguns, Jegans, and all other Fed's Mass produced MS. 08th MS
GM has weapons up its you know where (Rocket Launchers, Machine Guns, Beam
Sabres, Punching Shields, Bazookas, plus, you can use all RX-79[g]'s
weapons, such as the Beam Rifles and the Anti-Everything Rifle (TM) ) and
still maintains that GM type of look while having its own flair for
dramatics. Over all, it looks a GM that was made to kick some you know

0080 GMs, on the other hand, maintains the flava of the 0079 GMs but looks
more dynamic, as Mr. Probe said. Sleek and organic looking, they are more
like special ops version of our favorite mass produced mobile suit (or our
second favorite). To top it off, they come in two flavors, Arctic edition
and Space Commando Version. Finally, with some work and the Full Armor
parts from the Alex, they can be modified to look liek 0083 GMs.

The other GM lookalike pays homage not only to the good old GM, but also to
Guncannon. HardyGun and its F91 counterpart (whatsitsname?) pays their due
to GM Cannon, or at least the HardyGun anyways. G-Cannon and Magna G-Cannon
pays its homage to GunCannon, and MagnaG has the whole Son of Guncannon
going, right down to the color scheme. While HardyGun looks a bit too busy
for my own taste, I should say the G-Cannon Boys are big bad asses that does
some justice to the original dual cannon toting MS.

I know that's more than you wanted to know, but there are other GMs and GM
wannabes out there, so don't limit yourself.

Y. Choe

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