Re: More weapon question (8th MS Team)

Mark Simmons (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 00:45:48 -0800

Rodrick Su writes,

>During the Zeon evacuation of their Oddessa base, Zeon forces deployed
>a very large bomb against the advancing Federation troops. What is it?
>For some reason, I don't think it is a nuke, but some exotic type of

  General Yuri Kerane insists it's just a fuel-air explosive, but he's
grinning while he says it, giving the impression that it actually _is_ a
nuke. After all, this was the same battle where (in the TV series) Ma
Kube tried to launch a nuclear missile at the Federation forces...

>Aleast the Feds later pay back by using a damaged GM to trigger a
>nuclear blast, while sidestepping the lettering of the Antartic Treaty of
>NBC ban.

  A trick that becomes popular once again in F91 and V Gundam! :-)

-- Mark

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