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Mark Simmons (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 00:40:00 -0800

Well, I thought checking the staff interviews would shed some light on this...

  On the very first page of the staff interview in the Gundam 0083
Rapport Deluxe (page 114), we find the official word on the
originally-planned running length of the video series. In response to a
question about the gap between the first and second half of the series,
mechanical animation director Hirotoshi Sano replies that 0083 was
_always_ intended to run 13 episodes. Judging from late twists like the
Gato-Nina relationship, I suppose they changed some of the plot points as
they went along, but we have the word of the principal staffers that the
series was _not_ extended from its original length. Hope that lays the
question to rest.

  Elsewhere in the interview, the staff field weird questions like why
Nina didn't recognize Gato in episode 1 (she, uh, couldn't see him from
the catwalk), how often Delaz shaves his head (every three days), why the
Albion couldn't launch from the moon with its Minovsky craft system (the
particle emissions would interfere with lunar communications), and other
such trivia.

-- Mark

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