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> Now that you mention it, it does seem familiar although I still think its'
>LCL (Eva References)

yeah very Newtypy, willing the asteroid away sort of thing huh?

>> How do you think the relationship between Cloud and Sephiroth compare to
>> Char and Amuro?
>Sorry, I can't seem to find a pattern here except that both Cloud and Amuro
>ignored their childhood friend
Which one did Amuro ignore?

I was kinda thinking on the lines the 'link' between the agonist and
antagonist in FFVII and Gundam. In FFVII, it was a genetic link, Gundam
was a *para* psychic link, but both important links.

>> I sat patienty watching the end credits looking for Tomino's name,
>> find it.
>> BTW, I renamed REDXIII as Aznable ^_^
>You used Char's name for a pooch ?!!!
Pooch? I knid thought he was a cat

but, uh, yeah, the only thing I could think of at the time. Well RedXIII
was a umm, red, and he was a big char (cat). I used Ryo Saeba (Cityhunter)
for Vincent Valentine - you know both a romeo with a gun *sigh*

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