looking for model building advice

Chien Ting Chin (chinc@sten.sunnybrook.utoronto.ca)
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 01:23:44 -0500 (EST)

Hi, I am venturing into the world of medium or advanced level model
building (I am getting my first airbrush next week). I am interested in
building models that looks like real machines of war rather than pristine
toys. Ultimately I like to make diorama of fighting MS's.

So here are some specific questions:
1. Can you buy or make decals (e.g. I have carbon monoxide warning in my
M113 APC, and Step/No Step labels on my F-18). Do you have suggesions
about what decals would be believeable? (I am thinking about warning
labels near the exhausts, serial numbers for Zakus, and other vanity-type
decals a la WW2 bombers and fighters)

2. How to make wear and tear stains? Especially how to make water stains
for the marine/submarine MS's? (I am envisioning white water streaks down
from openings and vents on the Zucock-E and Hygog). Also if you look at
the pictures in the Gouf Custom and Zaku II of the 08th MS Team models,
you can see the paints on their spikey shoulder and shields were
beautifully chipped.

[while on that topic, has anyone put light blubs in the monoeye? Can do
you hide the switch and battery without affecting the appearance and
mobility of the model?]

3. How to make battle damage. I know this is really a wide topic and
quite advanced, so I just throw this out and see...

[I have vision of a Hygog putting its hideous claws through the adam's
apple of a GM. oooh daydream...]

CHIN, Chien Ting
Dept of Medical Biophysics, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
... o O *
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