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Wed, 16 Dec 1998 22:50:18 EST

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nandy@U.Arizona.EDU wrote:

> It seems like the only
> recurring female characters in gundam either become fussy homebodies
> (Mirai?) or catatonic (Sayla Mas)...

  That's somewhat my point... ^_^

> and any female character who dares to
> fight the gundam gets unheroine-ically skewered (Cima), vaped (Hamaan),
> shot into space (Griffon), blinded and insane (Kaijida), etc, and don't
> even get me STARTED on the number of bizzare psychosis that seem to
> afflict every ZG heroine!

  Well, the ones you mentioned aren't really "heroines" they were the baddies,
and most of them were mentally unstable to began with. I mean their tragic
death was written all over their face the first time you were introduced to
them, it was inevitable.

Here is another wierd myth: I heard that when a man sees an atractive strong-
willed woman he fantasizes about either one of 2 things: A) Being with that
woman or B) Killing that woman !!! and it seems that Tomino prefers the later.

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