Re: FFVII and Gundam parallels (FFVII SPOILERS)
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 22:38:34 EST

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> I finally finished Final Fantasy VII, boy what a depressing game :(
> Just aking for a few opinions between FFVII and Gundam
> Did anyone pick up on the life force preventing the comet falling, as
> almost a copycat of Axcis falling 0093?

  Now that you mention it, it does seem familiar although I still think its'
LCL (Eva References)
> How do you think the relationship between Cloud and Sephiroth compare to
> Char and Amuro?

Sorry, I can't seem to find a pattern here except that both Cloud and Amuro
ignored their childhood friend and they both lost someone(Aerith/Lalah) who
was important to them, and that Aerith and Lalah were both a flirt and IMO
annoying ^_^

> I sat patienty watching the end credits looking for Tomino's name, couldn't
> find it.
> BTW, I renamed REDXIII as Aznable ^_^

You used Char's name for a pooch ?!!!

Anyway, It is quite known that Square uses a lot of anime references in their
games they used Bit/Funnels, Buster Riffles, Satellite Sytem, and even the V-
Max system from SPT Layzner in Saga Frontier and recently they released
Xenogears which has TONS of Anime references in it.

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