Female MS Pilots...

Mark Nguyen (mnguyen@hotmail.com)
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 14:05:52 PST

> That's also a really strange thing to say! I mean, they probably
>have grown about as soft as say, Amuro or Char, eh? It seems like the
>recurring female characters in gundam either become fussy homebodies
>(Mirai?) or catatonic (Sayla Mas)... and any female character who dares
>fight the gundam gets unheroine-ically skewered (Cima), vaped (Hamaan),
>shot into space (Griffon), blinded and insane (Kaijida), etc, and don't
>even get me STARTED on the number of bizzare psychosis that seem to
>afflict every ZG heroine! It's wierd! Seems like the only woman who got
>fair shake before getting vaporized was Schneider from CCA!

So who *has* survived, then?

-Sayla - Well, at least she managed to pilot the Gundam at least twi=ce
and not get killed, and was relatively happy at the end of the first

-Cecily Fairchild (F-91) - Kidnapped, nigh-brainwashed, trained to fly
the Vigna-Ghina, doesn't manage to kill anyone, defects *back*, tries to
kill her biological father, gets her MS blown up, survives, and is
rescued by the man she loves. Not dead, but hey, after all that, she may
as well be..!

Any others?


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