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Continuing the Mark/Probe banter... :-)

> Hrrrm! I guess I was expecting a fundamental difference between the
>Zugock and Hugog's massive "Lightning Cannons" and the bolt-style beam of
>the Gundam's beam weapons. The Megabeam guns _seemed_ to be firing
>something different, at least in 0080!

  I think that's just an animation style thing...

> I think the F-90YIII Cluster Gundam had a V-Gundam styled energy
>bazooka, but I guess I thought the Rick Dias's "Cray Bazooka" was an
>energy weapon. Oh well.

  And I guess the F90 had one as well. That's probably the first beam
bazooka (AKA beam launcher). The Cray Bazooka was a shell-firing weapon,
even though it used the same "boing" sound effect as the Type 100's beam
rifle. <grin>

> Yeeehaw! I knew science would come in handy somewhere! Something to add
>to the Gundam Site's monster mountain of mundane Minofsky Minutia, eh?

  That would kinda make it even _more_ mountainous, though. For now, let's
just work on this here on the list...

> Interesting... so it applies not just to the original Gundam's (pretty
>weak) beam rifle but to later-era beam rifles as well! After all, I don't
>even think the V-Gundam's beam rifle was 10Mw, right?

  I'mm not sure how the power figures in the chart correlate to the
traditional output figures. I'd already begun to suspect that E-cap weapons
are more powerful than their output stats indicate - even the built-in mega
particles cannons on Zeon's amphibious mobile suits, which are supposedly
rated at 2 MW and up, are described as being less powerful than the
Gundam's beam rifle since they don't use E-caps.


Perhaps there's some sort of "multiplier" effect involved when you go
through the E-cap, with the listed output (1.5 MW for the GP01's rifle,
which is essentially identical to the Gundam's) representing the power
_requirement_, in contrast to the power of the actual beam that's fired
through the rifle. This would contrast with E-cap-less weapons, where you
can't release the potential energy of the pre-compressed Minovsky
particles, and all the energy of the beam must be supplied by the mobile
suit's generator. Either way, the "ignition" energy would come from the
mobile suit's generator, and the more power you input, the faster (hence
longer-range) the resulting beam.

  Still, I don't think the E-cap would literally _multiply_ the energy
input. More likely it would _add_ to it, reducing the energy required to
convert each Minovsky particle, after which the excess energy is used to
accelerate the mega particles in the same fashion, regardless of how they
were created. It would effectively be an output "bonus", whose size would
depend on the quantity of particles fired (and should thus be pretty
constant for a typical beam rifle, whose beams all seem to be about the
same size). It may be that the mega particle "conversion" energy is reduced
almost to zero, meaning that all the generator energy is used for
acceleration rather than particle conversion.

  Speaking of which, this model would rather nicely account for some of the
weird output specs we've seen for beam weapons. The (unofficial) rating of
5.7 MW for the Z Gundam's beam rifle would indicate a normal-sized beam
with plenty of range-boosting acceleration; the (similarly unofficial)
rating of 8.3 MW for its mega launcher would represent a big beam with
plenty of particles, but minimal acceleration, making the particles spread
out like a beam bazooka or the Wing Gundam's buster rifle.

  Of course, this means that we can't equate power outputs directly with
weapon damage. Rather, we need to look at the beam size as per the
animation, factor in its apparent range, and guesstimate to what extent the
output relects the quantity of particles versus the acceleration per


> So according to my theory, a Funnel would have a limited amount of
>rather powerful beam shots, but insufficient power to fire at _range_.
>Hence, alot of short-range powerful bursts. Does this jibe with the anime?

  Absolutely. Funnels always fly right up to the enemy and blast 'em at
close range.

> Yeah, very curious. The only easy answer would be to postulate that the
>GM has an unusually powerful generator, which isn't true. Wierd!

  So either the beam spray gun's output is so pitiful that an equivalent
stream of particles would be effectively useless for refilling a beam rifle
E-cap, or the beam spray gun is an E-cap weapon itself...

-- Mark
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