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> >You know, it's odd Bandai Visual didn't translate game part of "Digital
> >Beat", since it had a lot of info about VFX-2. Oh well, here
> are more info
> >on top of what Ollie posted already.
> Is Digital Beat a manga? 0.o

No. It's a webzine put out by Bandai Visual. They also have a English
version as well, which is the linked from AnimeVillage's website, but it
doesn't have some of the things translated, like the game section, which was
entirely missing from English version.

It's kinda nifty really. A lot of screen shots of new releases, very brief
synopsis without any spoilers. Also, the release schedule.

> >> Unknown name (perhaps Tung Ma Woon?). Female, age 15 years. Very brave
> >> and independent. Often acts alone.
> >
> >Female? I thought he was a male! Anyway, his name is Toma Shun.
> Hmmmm. He does *look* like a bloke but I hahve had it translated
> otherwise!

Well, the number of female who calls herself "ore" is extremely limited; as
a matter of fact, I've seen that kind of females in anime only, not a single
one in RL...


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