Re: Some questions about EPACs, ECAPS, and magnetic bottles

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 23:32:55 -0700 (MST)

> >difference between a beam cannon (Gundam) and Megabeam cannon (Zugock)?
> None whatsoever. Beam cannon equals mega beam cannon equals mega particle
> cannon. Some instances of these may have E-caps, but it's seldom made clear
> which do and which don't.

  Hrrrm! I guess I was expecting a fundamental difference between the
Zugock and Hugog's massive "Lightning Cannons" and the bolt-style beam of
the Gundam's beam weapons. The Megabeam guns _seemed_ to be firing
something different, at least in 0080!

> >right, what do you think is going to happen if your EPACs get hit by a
> >stray shot?
> Kaboom! In later series, where E-packs are more plentiful, you often get
> to see a beam rifle being hit and its E-pack(s) exploding. Big ol' bang.

  Cool! That's what I was hoping to hear! MAN it's dumb to store those on
your shield, isn't it?

> > I was also wondering if any Gundam mecha has ever used its spare EPACs
> >as jury-rigged explosives for use in getting into a colony, etc...
> Not so far, but it's surely possible, just as crippled mobile suits can

  Maybe the EPACs are far too expensive to be used this way... GRIN.

> Yes, it did. Beam bazookas don't appear until F91; even the Nu Gundam's
> hyper bazooka is a shell-firing weapon.

  I think the F-90YIII Cluster Gundam had a V-Gundam styled energy
bazooka, but I guess I thought the Rick Dias's "Cray Bazooka" was an
energy weapon. Oh well.

> >and I've theorized that the EPAC power gives the shot 'punch' while the MS
> >power gives the shot 'accelleration'. I.e., the more EPAC juice, the more
> >powerful the 'burst', the more MS-generator power, the longer range (and
> >better accuracy_ of the shot.
> The Perfect Grade Gundam instruction manual actually has a graph charting
> power input (horizontal axis) versus range (vertical). There are three

> lines, each of which starts at zero-zero and then curves up to the right,
> ultimately leveling off at the edge of the graph. The lines are minimum
> damage, maximum damage, and effective firing range, in order of longest to
> shortest range. Since the accuracy increases with the influx of power, it
> seems clear that more power yields faster particles. And since there's a

 That totally makes sense to me, in accordance to my theory so far...
> single "maximum damage" line, it appears that this is constant regardless
> of power input.
  Makes total sense too...

> In short, the PG Gundam manual exactly echoes your theory. The weapon
> design determines the damage, by releasing whatever quantity of particles,
> and then the power input speeds up the particles and thus determines the
> effective range. Congrats, Probe!

  Yeeehaw! I knew science would come in handy somewhere! Something to add
to the Gundam Site's monster mountain of mundane Minofsky Minutia, eh?

> (FYI, the manual indicates power inputs of up to 10 MW, with the accurate
> firing range leveling off at about 10 kilometers and the maximum damage
> range leveling off at about 20 kilometers.)

  Interesting... so it applies not just to the original Gundam's (pretty
weak) beam rifle but to later-era beam rifles as well! After all, I don't
even think the V-Gundam's beam rifle was 10Mw, right?

> >to work without generators. Could really explain why their range is so
> >short though, right?
> Yep! Not only would they be they limited by their E-cap capacity and
> propellant supply, but by the size of their electrical battery as well.

  So according to my theory, a Funnel would have a limited amount of
rather powerful beam shots, but insufficient power to fire at _range_.
Hence, alot of short-range powerful bursts. Does this jibe with the anime?

> >could do this then the Gundam should be able to _recharge_ its rifle
> >(Slowly) through its hands?
> Yes, exactly. Either beam rifles can be very gradually replenished via
> the mobile suit's hand, or the GM's beam spray gun should be an E-cap
> weapon, despite the claims of the MSV books. That one's still in the
> mystery file.

  Yeah, very curious. The only easy answer would be to postulate that the
GM has an unusually powerful generator, which isn't true. Wierd!

> >super-underpowered, but then why does the GM-GS require a big cooling
> >bottle on its beam-pistol?
> My assumption would be that the GS gun's bottle is a funky-looking E-cap.

  Grr... I was hoping to have some sort of standardized 'look' for the
ECAPs. oh well.

> > It does _more_ damage if it spreads out and goes slow? That seems
> More precisely, the damage is delivered over a greater area. A VSBR shot
> can pierce just about anything, but it'll be a pretty teeny hole.

  Ah, that makes sense!


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