Re: HobbyLink Japan???
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 22:14:52 EST

But they do not take money orders. Which is the only way I can pay, until I go
through college, get a real job, and be able to afford a Credit Card, but I
don't want a Credit Card, because even with self control, there is too much
temptiton to buy what I can't afford at the moment ^_^

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<< I have posted this a couple of times, but will do so again.....after
dealing with Hobbylink Japan on several occasions, I switched to Rainbow Ten
and have never been unhappy that I did. They actually respond to your
inquiries via email (as long as you keep them simple yes/no questions in
English.) They will search to find models for you not listed in their catalog
and suprisingly enough, they ship SAL and it always reaches me in a matter of
a week or two (and I live in Harrisburg PA, USA) They also take reservations
the moment they know about any kits. I don't mean any direspect to Scott T.
Hards or Hobbylink Japan. But Rainbow Ten has always offered me far superior
 (IMHO :D ) >>

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