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I have posted this a couple of times, but will do so again.....after dealing with Hobbylink Japan on several occasions, I switched to Rainbow Ten and have never been unhappy that I did. They actually respond to your inquiries via email (as long as you keep them simple yes/no questions in English.) They will search to find models for you not listed in their catalog and suprisingly enough, they ship SAL and it always reaches me in a matter of a week or two (and I live in Harrisburg PA, USA) They also take reservations the moment they know about any kits. I don't mean any direspect to Scott T. Hards or Hobbylink Japan. But Rainbow Ten has always offered me far superior service.
(IMHO :D )

J. Hricak

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On 12/15/98, at 1:38 AM, Ben Koshy wrote:

>I just ordered a PG RX-78-2 from HobbyLink Japan and they boast on their web
>page that they now can ship via UPS to all U.S. customers (I assume that
>means Canada too). But what is the price? They said its 5000 yen to ship
>the kit via SAL (by Sea) and takes 4-6 weeks. If I want to ship via UPS it
>would cost about 12000 YEN. Wait a sec...the kit is 12000 YEN.
>Is everyone else having this same experience? Kinda kills the reason to buy
>from HLJ. Rather get it locally for cheaper.
>Is there anyone who ships from Japan for a decent price? Or perhaps there
>is a cheaper U.S. source for kits...anyone? Is there a "Gundam Retailers"
>guide about?

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