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Paul Lampshire (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 23:44:45 -0000

>I know I might get an answer I don't want to hear, but... What is it
>with all the strange names people have in the Gundam Universe? How did
>the creators come up with them? What are the name origins? As a person
>who doesn't know Japanese, the names seem very un-Japanese. It just
>makes it all so confusing to follow sometimes.

Actually, some of the mechs have good character names, Ri(c)k Dom, Val Varo,
['Cubey' Rei]...

Character names are fun, If I can refer to [the main piece of fiction in my
Fanzine, Spacenoid] Chojiku Sentai Clone Rangers
Raymond De Golas gets his name from Vraiment Degolas ["Really Disgusting]
Vera Cruise is named after the place in Mexico
Kamen Sandiego Is partially named after Carmen Sandiego and partially after
the series Kamen Riders
John Sculley is named after the [former] CEO of Apple
Joe Wozniak is named for one of the founders of Apple
Clementine Snicker [Her father owns a saloon called 'Snicker's Bar - Hey I
never said it was funny] is so called because her father was involved in the
Californian gold rush...
Doc Isha [Full name Ishamaru Shinobu] gets her name from the Japanese for
Frank Dedmann - a very obvious reference.

I'll get me coat...

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