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Probe says,

> Hey... that's a good point which I hadn't really thought of. Sort of
>interesting that Jion didn't try and recruit/incite local displaced
>peoples to rebel against the Fed, eh? I guess I always thought the Fed
>government was simply some sort of joint governing council, i.e., like a
>UN but with most of the nations more like 'states' than nations.

  Nope; any pre-existing nations have by now been completely subsumed by
the Federation's overweening hegemony, kinda like how the United States has
gone from a loose alliance of sovereign states to a unified whole.

  As far as Zeon inciting rebellion against the Federation - judging from
the desert sequence of ZZ, that's kinda what they did. In particular, the
Zeons were seen as natural allies by indigenous peoples who saw the
Federation as perpetuating the colonial imperialism of the 20th century's
superpowers. You could say that Earth's minorities and developing nations
have a lot in common, ideologically speaking, with the spacenoids.

  However, we've never seen the former superpowers rebelling against the
Federation. This is a major part of the Gundam W back story, though.

> The components may have already been in place there for just such an
>eventuality or something. Where was the system deployed originally in MSG?
>(Near A bau Aku?)

  It was presumably developed at Luna Two, then ferried to the assembly
point at Side 1 by a fleet of Columbus-class cargo ships.

> How long did the system take to start up in MSG? If I remember
>correctly, it just 'fired' and everyone was pretty surprised... hence even
>though it was huge, it must not have taken more than a day or two to set
>up (You'd have thought someone would have noticed... "HEY! What are they
>doing with all those mirrors?")

  Up until you activate it, you can reduce its visibility by keeping the
mirrors folded and/or turning them so they don't reflect sunlight towards
your target.

> It still bugs the HELL out of me that Cima died the way that she did.
>That woman deserved BETTER! This discussion does nothing but prove her
>foresight, planning, ingenuity and plain bloody mindedness... and the fact
>that she _was_ loyal, if not necessarily to the Federation, at least to
>the well-being and survival of herself and her faithful crew of space
>pirates! GRAH! Can't a single non-man-chasing, non-weak-willed,
>non-hero-loving 'modern' anime woman EVER survive till the end of a
>series? (Christine kinda counts, but she hardly has much of an attitude at

  Not so far; V Gundam's female villains meet a similar fate, but then
again, so does pretty much everyone in the series. Gundam W's low body
count does let Neun and Lady Une off the hook, though they each have a soft
spot for their respective men. Z and ZZ wipe out all the tough women in the
last episodes. Brutal.

-- Mark
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