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Probe sez, of the Perfect Grade Gundam...

> Yepper. It's a totally new 'take' on the old classic. The exterior is
>totally plain, the interior hyperdetailed!

  Since I have mine standing right here beside my computer...

  In many ways, it's a reversion to the classic. Many of the arbitrary
flourishes Okawara inflicted on the Master Grade revamp - the funky ankle
joints, the shoulder vents, the sharply angled skirt armor, the skinny arms
and barrel chest, the extra-long knee blocks - have been reversed, and only
a couple of the MG details have ben retained (notably the notches along the
top of the skirt armor, the "ramps" on its belly that slot into these
notches, and the detailing on the upper front thigh).

  Overall, the Perfect Grade Gundam is a new interpretation of the classic
RX-78. If this interpretation looks familiar, check the credits in the
instruction manual: Hajime Katoki did the concept sketches!

In general, this is part of the continuing revamping of the classic mobile
suits. You could say the process began with Z Gundam, where the GM II
sported extra detailing omitted from the original GM design. The GM II was
actually based on Kondoh's souped-up versions of the One Year War mobile
suits seen in the comic series MS Senki, so I guess this would be the Root
Of All Retcons. Since then we've seen new takes from Katoki (in his
Sentinel-related artwork and in 0083), Yutaka Izubuchi (Gundam 0080), Mika
Akitaka (0083), and Bandai (the HG Gundam, the MG series, and now the PG

  At the same time, they tend to come over all faithful when it comes down
to actually animating flashback sequences - look at the flashback in Char's
Counterattack, the opening sequence of 0083, or the One Year War mobile
suit cameos in Z and ZZ. And no sooner has some hotshot designer redesigned
the Zaku or the Gundam for the fifteenth time, than the continuity gnomes
rush in to assign a new model number and classify it as a
limited-production variant produced in the last days of the war.

  Ultimately, if you consider only the animated material, the Gundam and
Zaku and Dom and GM and Gelgoog have _never changed_. Every design revamp
is explained as being an exotic variant, even if it's based on a
non-animated redesign of one of the classic mobile suits.

-- Mark
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