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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
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> Federation, they argue, is a single nation nather than an alliance of
> sovereign nations (a description that better fits Gundam W's Earth Sphere

  Hey... that's a good point which I hadn't really thought of. Sort of
interesting that Jion didn't try and recruit/incite local displaced
peoples to rebel against the Fed, eh? I guess I always thought the Fed
government was simply some sort of joint governing council, i.e., like a
UN but with most of the nations more like 'states' than nations.

> Izubuchi carried over the "UN Spacy" marking from Macross's Valkyrie and
> plastered it all over everything in Gundam 0080...

  Yep, that does seem to be where it started from. Great artist though!

> say, the Earth Federation or the Federal Forces. All Sunrise wanted to do
> was make sure people laid off that "UNT Spacy" baloney.

  Yeah, I wonder if they were threatened with lawsuits?

> Or perhaps, when we see Bosque Ohm in episode 5, it's just a sight
> gag-type cameo, and the idea of tying in the Titans and Jamitov came later

  That would actually be my bet, considering how lame and last-minute the
whole Titan's tie-in is. If the 'point' of 0083 was to show the beginnings
of the Titans (which obviously it isn't) then you'd have expected to have
seen alot more of the conspiracists at work than you did (which was almost
nothign at all).

> in the production. I recall they took a three-month break between episodes
> 7 and 8 - the longest gap in the series - which they may have used to catch

  Could explain alot of the whole "Series extended" story that's floating
around. If they only planned for 7 episodes, I can see how they'd have to
restructure things for the next 7!

> their breath and plot out the conspiracy theory element. That's just
> speculation, though. :-)

  Hmm... Entirely possible, especially if the whole conspiracy bit was a
last-minute tie-in to explain the last half of the series.

> > But also note that not following the colony 'tips their hand' to the
> >Jions. I.e., it lets the Jions know that THEY know that the colony is
> >headed towards Earth.
> True. And then Delaz smells a rat, and things get messy.

  Right, better to let the little Jion have his tailgating party and think
everything's just fine. We'll save a little surprise for him just as he
reaches 'touchdown'!

> > I wonder how long it REALLY takes for the Solar System to be put in
> >place. After all, the components are fairly simple and may simply have
> >been mothballed in various orbital yards here and there.
> But where? It's two days' travel from the moon's orbit to the low-earth
> orbit where the system was deployed. And that's not allowing for setup time.

  The components may have already been in place there for just such an
eventuality or something. Where was the system deployed originally in MSG?
(Near A bau Aku?) The fact that there were so _Many_ individual elements
and ships to the SS-system means that the entire system HAD to have been
kept somewhere localized and ready to go 'at a moment's notice'. After
all... it may well have been kept as an "Anti-Asteroid defense system" or
something similarly cheesy but rapid-response style.
  How long did the system take to start up in MSG? If I remember
correctly, it just 'fired' and everyone was pretty surprised... hence even
though it was huge, it must not have taken more than a day or two to set
up (You'd have thought someone would have noticed... "HEY! What are they
doing with all those mirrors?")

> > After all, she may not have been able to simply send out a radio message
> >or something like that.
> Right - and if she did so, it might be intercepted by Delaz and she'd be
> in _really_ hot water.
  Hoooyeah... it's hard to play both sides off of each other and not get
caught in the middle.
  It still bugs the HELL out of me that Cima died the way that she did.
That woman deserved BETTER! This discussion does nothing but prove her
foresight, planning, ingenuity and plain bloody mindedness... and the fact
that she _was_ loyal, if not necessarily to the Federation, at least to
the well-being and survival of herself and her faithful crew of space
pirates! GRAH! Can't a single non-man-chasing, non-weak-willed,
non-hero-loving 'modern' anime woman EVER survive till the end of a
series? (Christine kinda counts, but she hardly has much of an attitude at

> >a relic 1YW MA like the Val Walo that the Jions had appropriated on their
> >way to Axis. Also, I wish it had been more in-line with the Val-Walo than
> >with, say, Gunbuster.
> Yep. There's no reason the Neue Ziel couldn't have been another One Year
> War-caliber mobile armor, or even something along the lines of the Big Zam,
> which was perfectly effective as it was. At any rate, imagine if the colony

  Right... what GITs me is that they didn't even _try_ to make a realistic
MA with the NZ, and they totally threw Gundam continuity out the window
when they gave it FOUR I-Field generators, and psychommu-styled "Rocket
Punch" remote-guided arms, etc etc... And the way it kept popping out
various features and weapons (like the cutesy little gripper claws) made
our Anime club bust out laughing. It's the "Inspector Gadget" of the
Gundam world!

> had been defended by the Val Varo instead. Much shorter series, I reckon.

  I dunno... it was pretty damn fast and it did have some nifty (if
cheesy) weapons on it. I rather liked it (More so than the NZ, that's
for sure!) Certainly if we could have kept the VW maybe we wouldn't have
gotten the bloated Dendrobium monstrousity and hence we wouldn't have
_needed_ the Flower-From-Hell NZ!
  Hey, anyone wonder if they were _planning_ on making a NZ model? After
all, it's _prominently_ displayed in the background of the GT kit box!

> Yep, but with hindsight, it could have also been a hint about the colony
> drop plan. O'Sullivan sure didn't seem surprised when the colony passed
> overhead and Cima prompted him to deflect it with the launch lasers...

  Right... and doubtless Delaz counted on her to fullfill that part of
Stardust... Wouldn't be surprised if all if Sullivan already suspected
that the moon wasn't the real target of Delaz anyway.

> > And I believe that the whole Naval Review charade was simply an
> >opportunity that the Jions couldn't have planned for but used anyway.
> Not to mention a demonstration of Federation arrogance that Delaz
> couldn't pass up. Remember, the whole point of Operation Stardust is to
> embarrass the Federation and inspire others to rebel. I'm sure Delaz was

  Suits the pro-Jion animation staff just fine... Gee, sure takes alot of
skill to shoot down a tin soldier, eh?

> >to work out to their massive favor. Since there's no way the Jions could
> >have known too far in advance that it was going to happen, the whole
> >fleet-nuking bit may have really been a last-minute plan of desperation
> >that only Gato, Delaz, and the soldiers closest to the operation would
> >have known about!
> I do like this theory. :-)

  Heh heh heh! Thanks!

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